Rob Wynne: Artificial Paradise

14 March - 25 April 2009 Galerie
Installation Views
Press release

Rob Wynne is part of the generation of American artists whose work is inspired by a broad and eclectic knowledge of the past. With a precise choice of references, he evokes the subject by staging it. He uses a mix of contemporary techniques - from photography to digital technology, as well as traditional crafts - ceramics, blown & poured glass and embroidery- revealing the subtle relationship which links his work from the present to the past.


The gallery is wallpapered with "flypaper" where we find objects of Natural History, drawings embroidered with glass beads evoking obscure plants and sea creatures, large glass spiders, bird's nests, multicoloured glass mushrooms and surprising ceramic branches whose buds are eyes. Glass drops pour down the walls and embroidered prints decorate the walls and a bronze candle set with diamonds looks at us with its eye-flame.


A series of mirrored glass text with bittersweet undertones floats like baroque thoughts on the walls. These words are chosen by the artist to get attention, to show a mystery and they act as "Cadavres Exquis". The sentences often have a double meaning. Due to a persistent dyslexia since childhood, he devours the texts without seeing them, without reading them, except the small sentences which strike him and he records patiently in his notebooks.


As in the 18th century, Rob Wynne organizes his curiosity cabinet according to two categories: the naturalia, things of nature and the artificialia, objects made by man. These two ideas unite Rob Wynne's "Artificial Paradise". By referencing these atmospheric and baroque rooms of the past. Rob Wynne is commenting on the subtext and complexities of modern life, by using potent language and imagery to transport the viewer into another world.