Katja Schenker


Katja Schenker was born in Saint-Gall, Switzerland in 1968. She lives and works in Zurich.


Katja Schenker has been developing a work that combines performance and sculpture, using drawing, photography and video to deepen and document the successive stages of her creative process. During her performances, the artist creates different physical actions which transform materials or objects. These performances are complex processes which often originate in an emotional intention, then transcribed to a drawing, then staged, before culminating in sculptures which conserve the trace of the creative act, sometimes becoming even relic-like objects.


Her work has been the object of numerous exhibitions, including a solo exhibition at the Jinji Lake Art Museum in Suzhou or the group exhibition I am the space where I am at the He Xiangning Art Museum in Shenzhen, China. Recently, videos of her performances were shown at the Kochi Biennale in India. Her work will also be included in the upcoming thirty year anniversary exhibition at the Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris (PerformanceProcess). She is the recipient of several awards, including the Swiss Art Awards, three years in succession.