Rachel Feinstein


Rachel Feinstein is born in 1971, Ft. Defiance, Arizona. She lives and works in New York.


Rachel Feinstein has primarily developed a sculptural work which nevertheless, leaves an important place for painting and drawing. To create her works, mostly figurative, Rachel Feinstein constantly draws upon the iconography of European art and culture from the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, her main references being the baroque and rococo styles. However, her work may be said to overplay the search for beauty, refinement and sophistication, characteristic of these periods. This deliberate emphasis betrays a critical dimension that is expressed through an intentionally caricatural or parodic style.


Her work has been the subject of several solo shows, including her first exhibition in France at the Consortium Art Centre in 2006 (Tropical Rodeo), the exhibition The Snow Queen at the Lever House Art Collection in New York in 2011, or more recently Folly (2014) at Madison Square Park, where she presented several monumental sculptures.