Marta Pan Foundation


b. Budapest, Hungary, 12 June 1923, d. Paris, France, 12 October 2008

Marta Pan is a French artist of Hungarian descent. Born in 1923, Marta Pan arrived in Paris in 1947, following her studies at the fine arts academy of her native Budapest. Initially inspired by plant-life and other organic forms (fruit, shells, roots), which she transposed to plaster and clay, her work quickly evolved towards increasingly simple lines, veering towards abstraction. In 1952, she married architect André Wogenscky, who was Le Corbusier's closest and most ardent disciple, and this marked the beginning of a new aesthetic in Marta Pan's work in which architecture and the environment, and their relationship to the artworks played an important role.

Her work is featured in numerous collections all over the world, such as the Kröller- Müller Museum in the Netherlands, the Hakone Open-Air Museum in Japan, the Seoul Museum of Art in South Korea, the Lynden Sculpture Garden in the US, as well as the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Hungary. In addition to those works housed in museums, Marta Pan's sculptures can also be seen in many public spaces in France and overseas.