Vaclav Pozarek


b. Budweis, Czech Republic, 1940. Lives and works in Bern, Switzerland

Vaclac Pozarek is a Czech-born artist who has been living and working in Switzerland since the late 1960s. The richness and diversity of his body of work is evident in the various media he chooses to work with: primarily drawing and sculpture, but also collaging, photography, scenography and exhibition design, and book design. In his visual artwork and installations, Pozarek tries to find points of contact between art and everyday objects; ceaselessly querying the ways in which art is presented to us. His graphic work underlines his fascination with typography and architecture, calling to mind building plans and architectural façade embellishments. His research combines the principles of Constructivism, concrete art, and Minimalism; creating a unique synthesis of these distinctive movements.

In 2018, the MAMCO in Geneva hosted an extensive retrospective on his work. Several of his pieces feature among the collections of major public institutions including the Kunstmuseum in Bern and the MoMA in New York.