b. Innsbruck, Austria in 1959. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.


Peter Kogler has unwearyingly over the past 20 years offered different versions of the recurrent themes of ants, brains, globes, light bulbs and other interlaces that map out a mental landscape. He was one of the pioneers of computer-assisted work and continues to use it in a bi and tridimensional way so to underline as many social metaphors. Peter Kogler comes under the influence of American minimalist artists. He was honored in the category Computergraphique for work "Untitled I" by the jury of the Prix Ars Electronica.


The many exhibitions Kogler participated in include the ING Art Center Bruxelles (2016), MSU - Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb (2014), Centre Pompidou, Paris (2012), Mamco, Geneva (2007), MOMA, New York, (2006), Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai (2006), Galerie de l'École Régionale des Beaux-Arts, Nantes, Les 20 ans des FRAC (2003), Art Unlimited, Basel (2001).