León Ferrari Estate


b. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 3 September 1920 - d. Buenos Aires Argentina, 25 July 2013


León Ferrari enjoys international acclaim as a conceptual artist, and is well known for his protean creations (paintings, collages, sculptures, poetry) and anti-establishment and often provocative attitudes. No stranger to scandal, his emblematic composition Western Christian Civilization (1965), depicting Christ being crucified on the wings of an American bomber used in Vietnam, was censured at the time of its unveiling. Ferrari has spent his whole life fighting dictatorships, fascism, social inequality, discrimination, and collusion of the Church; throughout his work we see representations of society's hypocrisy and cynicism. More recently, Pope Francis at the time the Archbishop of Buenos Aires denounced a León Ferrari retrospective at the Centro Cultural Recoleta in 2004 as being "blasphemous".


León Ferrari's work has been widely exhibited all over the world, notably at Centre Pompidou in Paris (2022), Museo Reina Sofia (2021), MoMA in New York (2014 and 2009), MALBA in Buenos Aires (2012), Rencontres d'Arles (2010), the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid (2009 and 2000), documenta in Kassel (2007) and notably at the Venice Biennale (2007), where he was awarded the Golden Lion. His works are part of the most prestigious contemporary art collections, including MoMA in New York, the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, the Musée National d'art contemporain - Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo in Buenos Aires, the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the Museo de Arte in São Paulo, the Museo de Arte Moderno in Rio de Janeiro, the Daros Latin-American Collection in Zurich, the Cisneros Collection, amongst others.