Tom Wesselmann

01/12 > 26/01 2008

La JGM. Galerie present a new exhibition of Tom Wesselmann. 

The exhibition we spend to Tom Wesselmann, founder artist of Pop Art in the late 50s, is intended to show the course of his work of historical years until the 2000s through a selection of rare works. 

Drawings, watercolors, gouaches on paper, cardboard or aluminum, serigraphs and oil paintings: this collection of thirty works outlines many techniques used by Tom Wesselmann over the years. 

Virtually all topics are covered in this exhibition: Seascapes, nude, bedrooms, flowers, radios ... These varied themes became over time references in the works of Tom Wesselmann and icons of contemporary art. 

The vast majority of works displayed comes directly from the artist's studio and we are particularly pleased to present new works.