Tom Wesselmann

Study for Sunset Nude, 2002

Ink and colored pencil on paper
H 41/4 x 3 1/3 in, Unique artwork
Drawing for Sarah Nude, 1963

Crayon sur papier
H 9 x 12 in, Unique artwork

Wesselmann became one of the leading American Pop artists of the 1960s, rejecting abstract expressionism in favor of the classical representations of the nude, still life, and landscape. He created collages and assemblages incorporating everyday objects and advertising ephemera in an effort to make images as powerful as the abstract expressionism he admired. He is perhaps best known for his Great American Nude series with their flat forms and intense colors.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1931. He lived and worked in New York until his death in 2004.

His first solo exhibition is organized at the Tanager Gallery in New York in 1962. His work is represented in many famous public collections such as the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, the Whitney Museum of American art in New York or at the MoMA in New York.


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