Agustin Cardenas

Dompteuse, 1972

Carrara marble
H 27.5 x 35.4 x 17.7 in, Unique artwork
Repos, 1960

Burnt oak
H 18.9 x 3 x 3 in, Unique artwork
Katanga, 1959

H 19.7 x 5.5 x 3.8 in, Unique artwork
Untitled, 1970

Pink Carrara marble
H 10.6 x 22 x 11.4 in, Unique artwork
La Tortue

H 18.5 x 38 x 17.7 in, Unique artwork

"Cardenas handled American, European and African cultures beyond any ethnological reduction - to provide "ideal" forms in a Platonic sense- ushering a new language of sculpture in the twentieth century. These works confront us with new worlds, provoking the eye and the mind and evoking a sensual and introspective dialogue. Energies and forces emanating from Agustin Cardenas' work are the synthesis of an intercultural aesthetic discourse, primitive and modern. His contrasting approach of bronze and wood, his proficiency of their "skin" and of their tactile value move any physical reality to an imaginary dimension. Bumpless, far from acute forms, movement is flexible and smooth and creates ties between objective and subjective." Yolanda Wood

Born in Matanzas, Cuba, in 1927, he died in 2001 in La Havana.

Agustin Cardenas studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in La Havana from 1943 to 1949. The memory of his Hispanic and African origins is deeply rooted in his work but far from classical references thanks to its symbolical strength and its fierce liberty. Discovered by Andre Breton, Cardenas follows a personal way between abstraction and figuration. His works are presented in many international personal exhibitions, as in Cuba Palacio de Bellas Artes in la Havanna (1955), at  Galerie de la Cour d'Ingres in Paris, introduced by André Breton (1959), at the Museum of Fine Arts de Houston (1959), at the Biennale of Paris (1961) and the Tokyo Biennale (1965), at the Musée National d'art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (1991).

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Une exposition surréaliste

courrier dordogne

Une exposition surréaliste



Le monde légendaire de Cárdenas

Agustin Cardenas

Le monde légendaire de Cárdenas


Graphisme : Alban Gervais

ISBN 978-2-9524670-32
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